Dead Girl Dancing

Founded in 2010 by 2 kawaii and EDM lovers with a mission to create the world's softest fluffies. Inspired by a mixture of kawaii cuteness, goth sexiness, and California lifestyle, this brand started off as a simple small business to an eBay power seller and now, a world wide seller, with fan base in the US, Japan and Australia. Still growing, DGD is cooking up something major in the near future, stick around.

DGD takes pride on the quality of the products they deliver, and believe it or not, DGD even travelled the world and scower fabric markets to find the best faux fur in the planet. For the past 4 years DGD had influenced the quality and color combination of faux fur made by their fabric supplier, which is always imitated by others, but never duplicated. 


The DGD Difference

Our fans know.

Premium Faux Fur: Thick, vivid colors, plush, soft (no... really soft!) 

Luxe swim material

Genuine Leather



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